Action & Sports Photography

with Marc Feldman
Saturday August 17th, 24th & 31st
10 AM- 12 PM
Art Students League Gallery
760 Sante Fe Drive
Frustrated because you have invested in a digital SLR camera and still not getting the action shots that you are after? It happens! This workshop covers the fundamentals of digital SLR photography (dynamics of aperture and shutter speed, lens applications, white balance, metering, perspective control, viewfinder and review mode meta-data information, ISO, and file formats). Learn and practice ‘hands on’ shutter speed control, ISO adjustments, pre-framing techniques, and multi-frame advance and predictive auto-focus techniques. Finally, evaluate images from homework assignments and examine meta-data information, share observations, learn ways to become a better photographer, and draft an action plan for your personal action and sports photography goals!