Extremity – Rachael Roark

Rachael Roark


CPAC Studio Gallery

Opening Reception September 2nd


Extremity can be defined as the furthest point or limit from a starting point. Applying this definition to this work, I wanted to push my boundaries and perceptions as an artist as well as to expand my personal definition of photography by staging, constructing, and exploring detailed photographs.

I am fascinated by the expressiveness of the hand; the wear, details, and lines that describe a person’s life are on display and elicit interpretation.Making photographs is often described as being a process of capturing moments, but for these images, creating specific moments, or stages, and then applying material elements to the hands was central to my process of exploration. Using ambiguity and abstraction, my intention is to encourage others to observe, react to, remember, and celebrate the versatility and beauty of the hand.

Rachael Roark graduated with a BA with Distinction from the University of Denver in Spring 2011. She has been working in the medium of photography for the past two years. Her experience in that short time includes stints as a fashion photographer, photographing for the university newspaper, and earning a Denver West Award for outstanding art student. She has just completed a scholarship to attend classes at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO. This series was shown at DU’s School of Art & Art History concurrent with the 2011 BFA Show.