Lighting the World with Portable Flash

4 Tuesdays starting Feburary 5th :: 6-9p
with Greg Cradick
$225/$202 members

Confused about your portable flash? Then this is the class for you! As a photographer it is fantastic that we can bring a flash gun with us on every shoot, but if you do not know how to use it, it’s just taking up space in your bag. There are two methods of using these powerful tools: as a main light in low light conditions, and as a fill light in brighter environments. We will explore both in full detail.
The most important aspect of this class is that you will finally know what every dial and button on your flash does, and, more importantly, why you should care!
After each demo there will be ample time for you to try out the exercise by shooting in the studio right away. Anyone interested in elevating the quality of their fine art work, right down to their snap shots, should make sure not to miss this course!
Topics covered:

  • Flash settings: what they mean and how to use them
  • Camera settings: how they affect your flash and the image
  • Remote flash technology (radios and wireless TTL)
  • How to utilize high speed sync
  • Light modification with soft boxes, umbrellas, reflectors, and diffusers
  • Learn various DIY “strobist” techniques to get the most out of your flash
  • Using a flash in a studio to replace big expensive light gear
  • Using a flash outdoors
  • Mixing ambient light, both outdoor and indoor, with flash output
  • Using multiple ways of white balancing your flash
  • Using colored gels for your flash
  • How to create a portable light kit