Photoshop for Photographers with Jan Kabili

Photoshop for Photographers with Jan Kabili
Saturday, November 9th, 9am -3pm
Location: CPAC Gallery

Tuition: $175
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This class is a streamlined approach to Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop. We’ll cover just what you need to know to begin using this powerful program.
We’ll start by getting familiar with Photoshop’s interface, showing you how to work quickly and efficiently with the most important tools and panels.
Then we’ll cover essential skills, including:
  • Understanding file formats
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Saving your files
  • How and why to use layers
  • Making selections
With the fundamentals under your belt, we’ll focus on the basics of photo editing in Photoshop:
  • Editing photos non-destructively
  • Understanding resolution
  • Resizing photos
  • Cropping photos
Along the way, you’ll learn many practical tips and techniques for making Photoshop work for you.
This introductory workshop is lecture style, but you’re more than welcome to bring your laptop, your camera and your questions to class.
Your instructor, Jan Kabili, has been teaching Photoshop for over a decade. She’s recorded dozens of courses for the popular online training site, written many Photoshop books and articles, and taught thousands of people of all ages to be proficient at Photoshop. Jan has a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from University of Colorado, and law school and undergraduate degrees from Stanford University. You’ll find her online on Google Plus, where she runs +The Photoshop Show broadcast hangout and the +Photoshop and Lightroom Community of 46,000 members.”