Patti Hallock November 30

Patti Hallock November 30

Reading Robert Adams

with Patti Hallock

Wednesday, November 30, 7 pm
Admission: $5 general public/$3 CPAC/DAM members/Free to UC Denver students

The third evening in our Reading Robert Adams book series is “Along Some Rivers,” inspired by Robert Adams’ book of the same name. The event takes place in the gallery.

Patti Hallock: "Trail View," from the "Nocturnal Suburbia" series, 2004. C print, courtesy of Plus Gallery

Patti Hallock is a Denver-based photographer whose work can be seen in the current CPAC exhibition Situating Robert Adams. She is represented by Plus Gallery, Denver.  Visit her web site at

I think that my work has both changed and remained the same in the last eight years. I am always searching for a way to communicate about isolation, loneliness, the effects of our decisions regarding the landscape and development. I also always try to find ways to incorporate bits and pieces of humor when I find it or can create it. My work has remained the same in that it is still coming from me, right? When I change or grow, so does the work, but it remains centered on the same ideas.

What I believe has changed is that I am using different strategies to communicate my message. My framing has become more deliberate and I have mostly abandoned my fear that making a beautiful image is necessary to make a successful photograph. Formal compositional strategies are always in place, but I’m no longer worried about whether it’s pretty. Each composition is carefully considered, and I’m working harder to make photographs that ask questions instead of only showing you what is there.

My most recent work “The West Is Here” is a project I see as being the culmination of all of the previous projects either aesthetically or conceptually. All of the previous lessons I learned are present in these landscape photographs of the West. I spent a great deal of time traveling around by car and so many of the Great American road trip photographers fit here, especially Robert Frank. The westerns of John Ford and the 1940 film The Grapes of Wrath taught me that the land and the wind are characters in their own right when working in the American West.