Basics of Digital Photography | October

Basics of Digital Photography

Date  | Sundays, October 6 & 13, 2024

Time  |    9 AM – 3 PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1200 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO, 80203

Cost  |  $360 Member and $396 Non-Member

Instructor  |  Kenneth Wajda

Skill Level  |  Beginner to Intermediate


Students will gain a working knowledge of the use of their digital camera, its settings and the tools of photography.

Course Description:

In this workshop, students will learn the basics of digital photography using an interchangeable lens camera, such as a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) or mirrorless camera. In addition to introducing the parts of the camera, this workshop will go into the basics of the exposure triangle (ISO/aperture/shutter speed and how they work together), as well as how to use the camera’s automatic and manual modes.

We will cover the basics of lens focal lengths, white balance, and how to compose photographs using techniques such as: the Rule of Thirds, leading lines, angles, diagonals, and foreground/background relationships, to help create dynamic photographs. Students will also learn how to think about light and its relationship to image-making with the camera. Each workshop will start with a classroom portion followed by a short photo walk. A section of the workshop will also be dedicated to downloading and editing images (with a brief overview of digital file formats) using editing software such as Adobe Lightroom or Snapseed. Students will be invited to share their work and to provide and receive feed back from other students.

  • Basic camera operation
  • Learning to see light
  • Working with color or black & white
  • Keys to composition for effective photographs
  • Techniques for photographing people, places and things

Materials Needed:

  • Digital camera (bring your own or borrow one from CPAC* *Cameras/batteries/memory cards are available through CPAC on request-please make this request to us in advance of class
  • Laptop or computer with editing software such as Adobe Lightroom
  • Note-taking materials