ONLINE | Color Management Simply Explained & Demystified | May

Color Management Simply Explained & Demystified

Date  | Tuesday May 25, 2021

Time  |  6PM – 8PM

Location |  Online

Cost  | $35 Non-Member   FREE for Members

Instructor  |  Eric Joseph

Skill Level  | All Levels

The words “Color Management” often strike fear in the hearts of most photographers. The reality is that it isn’t that hard of a concept to understand when it is explained well.  We all want to be able to view an image on our monitor, push print and have something come out of the printer that looks like what we saw on the monitor. Unfortunately for many, this just doesn’t happen very often.  The only way to achieve this goal is through an understanding of color management or at least following the rules and information presented in this workshop.

This is very much a companion workshop to the “World of Inkjet Paper…The Print Matters!” An understanding how the personality and character of various papers affects image quality and unique artistic signature is part of the process.

The goal of this workshop is to explain what a color profile is and why they are important to gain control of and maximize print quality and monitor output. Why it is important to calibrate your monitor with a quality profiling device.  Why custom paper profiles are better than manufacturers generic profiles.  What is the difference between the various color spaces we use in photography i.e. sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998) and ProPhoto RGB.

Equipment such as calibration devices, monitors and printers will definitely be part of the conversation.

(Image above by Eric Joseph)

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