Darkroom Refresher: Processing & Printing | October

Darkroom Refresher: Processing & Printing

Date  | Tuesday, October 15, 2024

Time  |   5:30 – 7:00 PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1200 Lincoln Street, Suite 111, Denver, CO, 80203

Cost  |  $90 Member and $105 Non-Member

Skill Level  |  Intermediate to Advanced


This short review class is designed for students who have had prior experience in a darkroom, but need a refresher class to review the details of processing film and printing from negatives. This class is limited to 3 students to provide each with an enlarger in our on-site darkroom.  

Course Description:

Students with darkroom experience may join us for an abridged review of film processing and printing. We will go over techniques and times for film developing, but will not actually develop film in this workshop. The bulk of time will be devoted to an orientation of CPAC’s darkroom and step-by-step directions for printing. Students should plan to bring their own developed black and white negatives to make up to 3 prints for purposes of review (chemistry and paper will be provided). This class will provide the necessary orientation for first-time CPAC darkroom renters.

This class is brief and fast-paced. It is not comprehensive enough to learn as a beginner. Those looking to learn beginning black & white darkroom or continuing/intermediate darkroom techniques should consider attending a multi-day darkroom workshop (see current class/workshop listings). Finally, this class is limited to 3 students to provide each with an enlarger in our on-site darkroom. 

  • Darkroom tools
  • Film processing: overview of equipment, chemistry and techniques
  • Setting up chemicals (mixing, using and disposing of tray chemistry for printing)
  • Setting up the image in the enlarger (choosing an enlarger lens, setting up an easel and focusing a negative)
  • Brief overview of variable contrast filters

Not covered:

  • Exposing film
  • Determining print exposure
  • Controlling print contrast
  • Burning-in and dodging
  • Choosing printing papers
  • Alternative printing processes

Materials Needed:

  • Negatives for printing
  • Note-taking materials