Darkroom Rentals

CPAC offers access to a black & white darkroom with film processing and printing capabilities in a professionally maintained environment.

There are different ways to interact with our darkroom space, please carefully review all options below.

How to Rent

Hours | Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am – 4:30 pm

Orientation | Prior to your first rental of the darkroom space at 1200 Lincoln Street, you must attend a free, 10-minute orientation, which will cover policies, equipment use, check-in procedure, and safety issues. Amateurs and professionals alike may reserve space in the darkroom. The orientation will not teach you how to print and develop (for beginners see our educational offerings). You must complete an orientation in advance either the same day prior to use of darkroom space or by appointment (303-837-1341 or info@cpacphoto.org).

Renting After Orientation | Once you have completed the required orientation and gone through your first darkroom rental, you may schedule following rentals by calling 303-837-1341 or filling out the online Darkroom Reservation Request form below.

Policies and Procedures | Renters must be at least 18 years or older. Rentals are only final after date confirmation from CPAC staff. Chemistry is set up by CPAC staff prior to confirmed darkroom use and is included in overall rental fee. If you plan on bringing your own chemistry, fees will not be reduced. Renters are responsible for paper and supplemental supplies. Renters must follow safety protocols; renters who do not follow CPAC Darkroom’s Rules and Regulations will be denied access.

Rental Rate (minimum 3 hours, maximum 8 hours)

With an increased amount of space and equipment, up to three people at a time can work within the darkroom.

  • Members

  • Daily Rate

    $65 (includes chemistry)
  • Non-Members

  • Daily Rate

    $75 (including chemistry)

*Rental fees include everything except paper. Renters can bring both RC and fiber-based papers. We no longer cap the number of rolls of film you process or the number of prints you make. If you choose to bring your own chemicals, please note: we do not allow powder chemicals to be mixed in our space. 


  • 3 Omega enlargers capable of printing from 35mm to 4×5 inch negatives

  • 14×17 dry mount press

  • Trays and sink space for prints up to 16 x 20 inches

  • Archival print washers for prints up to 16 x 20 inches

Darkroom Tutoring

CPAC will be offering on-site tutoring sessions again in January 2024, which can either be one-on-one or up to two people per session. If two people are doing a tutoring session together, each individual must pay the below fee. Off-site classes and workshops are also available through CPAC. Browse our current education calendar.


WHEN | By appointment, at least 2 weeks advanced notice


TIMES3-hour sessions


COST | CPAC members: $180 per 3 hour session; Non-members: $225 per 3 hour session