Darkroom Rentals

CPAC offers access to an individual black & white darkroom with film processing and printing capabilities in a professionally maintained environment.

Hours | Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm

How to Rent

First-Time Renters: You are required to attend a 30-minute free orientation, offered the first Tuesday (9:30am) and the third Wednesday (4pm) of each month. You must register for the orientation in advance by calling 303-837-1341 or reserving online by filling out the Darkroom Orientation Request form below. Orientations cap at a maximum of 4 individuals; once full, you will be wait listed. All renters who have not attended an orientation at our Bannock Street location will not be allowed to use our darkroom rental facilities. 

Darkroom Renters: If you have attended the required orientation and been approved for darkroom use, then you may schedule a session by calling 303-837-1341 or online by filling out the Darkroom Reservation Request form below.


*CPAC Members receive a 10% discount at Denver Pro Photo

Note, rentals are only final after date confirmation from CPAC staff. Renters must be at least 18 years or older. Renters must be at the intermediate level or above, unless accompanied by a CPAC tutor (see tutoring rates below). Basic chemicals are provided. Renters are responsible for paper and supplemental supplies. Renters must follow safety protocols; renters who do not follow CPAC Darkroom’s Rules and Regulations will be denied access.

Darkroom Tutoring

CPAC offers one-on-one tutoring sessions with Michael Snively, an accomplished photographer and instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience.


WHEN | 3rd Saturday of each month


TIMES | 10 – 1 pm or 2 – 5 pm (3-hour sessions only)


COST | CPAC members: $180 per 3 hour session; Non-members: $225 per 3 hour session (any rolls of film or prints developed are subject to the chemical fee listed below)

Full-Day Rates (4 – 8 hours)

  • Members

  • Daily Rate

    $36 + $5 chemical fee*
  • Additional Tutoring

  • Non-Members

  • Daily Rate

    $40 + $5 chemical fee*
  • Additional Tutoring


1/2 Day Rates (4 hours or less)

  • Members

  • 1/2 Day Rate

    $23 + 5*
  • Non-Members

  • 1/2 Day Rate

    $25 + 5*

*Chemical fees are based on 11×14 trays and “normal” usage. Processing more than 4 rolls of 35mm film or printing over 35 prints requires a higher fee to offset chemicals costs. If you choose to bring your own chemicals, please note: we do not allow powder chemicals to be mixed in our space. 

Chemical Fees

  • Film

  • 1-4 rolls of 35mm, 1-3 rolls of 120mm or 1-3 sheets of 4x5 film

  • 5-9 rolls of 35mm, 4-7 rolls of 120mm or 4-7 sheets of 4x5 film

  • 10-14 rolls of 35mm, 8-11 rolls of 120mm or 8-11 sheets of 4x5 film

  • Print

  • 1-35 prints 11x14 or smaller

  • 36-70 prints 11x14 or smaller



  • 2 enlarger stations with 35mm to 4×5 capabilities

  • Film processing space (black and white ONLY)

  • 14×17 dry mount press

  • Archival print washer for 11×14 prints or smaller