Darkroom Reservation Form

    Darkroom Reservation Request

    Prior to your first rental of the darkroom space at 1200 Lincoln Street, you must have attended a free, 10-minute orientation. An orientation can be done the same day of rental or you can make an appointment for a different date (than your rental) by calling 303-837-1341 or emailing info@cpacphoto.org. You must pay a $25 deposit to confirm rental.


    Please note chemistry is included in the rental fee.

    * First Name

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    * Reservations are a minimum of 3 hours, maximum of 8 hours. Check the box if you are reserving a full day?

    * Our darkroom is available Tuesday - Saturday from 9am - 4:30pm. What day would you like to use the darkroom?

    * If unavailable, what day is your second choice?

    If you plan to develop and print on the same day, please estimate information below.

    How many rolls will you be developing?

    How many prints will you be making of each size?
    8.5 x 11

    11 x 14

    16 x 20 (additional chemistry fee)

    What type of paper will you be printing on?

    Any additional notes?

    Once we check darkroom availability, we will email to confirm and send a deposit link.