December News

MF Digital 2

Dear Friend,

It’s the season. You’re busy, so I’ll be quick.

CPAC’s 10% educational discount lasts until midnight Saturday, December 24. You can purchase classes for yourself or your friends and family, and by taking advantage of our discounts – 10% for members, 10% for early registration, and 10% for using our holiday discount code 2012GIFT when you register – you benefit in a big way.

CPAC’s discounts are our gifts to you. Switching the equation, your donations to CPAC are incredibly important gifts to us, and are tax-deductible all the way through to midnight, December 31, when the ball drops. $1,250 buys us an iMac and a classroom upgrade; $200 buys you a membership and a Limited Edition Print. Either one is a win-win situation.

Have a wonderful holiday. I look forward to seeing you at the iWorld reception, January 13 2012, in our newly renovated gallery (the sawdust is flying!).


Rupert Jenkins, Executive Director