Digital Negatives for Cyanotype | March

Digital Negatives for Cyanotype

Date  |  Sunday March 13, 2022

Time  |   9AM – 4PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1070 Bannock Denver CO 80204

Cost  |  $198 Non-Member   $180 Members + $32 Materials fee per student

Instructor  |  Ashlae Shepler

Skill Level  |  Intermediate to Advanced – Must be Familiar with Cyanotype Process

This 6-hour workshop is an introduction to creating digital negatives for cyanotype printing. We start with digital photographs and walk through the conversion and calibration process, learning about curves, color profiles, and digital film transparency papers. We will walk through test-printing to determine exposure times and how to trouble-shoot any under- or over-exposed prints. Students should have some experience with the cyanotype process as this workshop will focus primarily on calibrating digital negatives in Photoshop specifically for the cyanotype process.

Materials (required by student):

  • Digital photographs
  • USB drive
  • (optional) Laptop computer with Photoshop

Materials (supplied by instructor):

  • cyanotype A and B solutions
  • variety of inkjet transparency materials
  • pre-coated cotton rag fine art paper for printing
  • inkjet printer for printing (5 digital negatives per student)