The Thinking Camera: A Pinhole Point of View | September

image credit: Mihály Alagi

The Thinking Camera: A Pinhole Point of View

Date  |  Sunday September 23, 2018

Time  |  10AM – 4PM with a 30-minute break for lunch

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1070 Bannock Denver CO 80204

Cost  |  $180 Non-Member   $162 Members + $10 materials fee for all participants

Instructor  |  Ashlae Shepler

Skill Level  |  Open to All Levels – some knowledge/familiarity with camera preferred, but not required

This full-day workshop will teach participants how to create a “low-fi” pinhole camera with any digital camera. Using non-destructive techniques, students will play with exposure and theatrical compositions to create experimental photographic images. Using posing and lighting exercises inspired by tableau paintings, this is a fun, interactive workshop where participants use pinhole distortion to create a unique photographic narrative. Participants will practice visualizing a story and constructing a scene as a group, and we will discuss how ISO, shutter speed, pinhole aperture, and focal length influence exposures and distortion.

Materials Needed:

Participants must supply a digital camera and a way to download images (sync cord or memory card reader). If available, participants should bring an extra body cap to use for their pinhole. A tripod is helpful, but not necessary. Any digital camera will work (camera phones, too!) Cardboard boxes will be available for participants who cannot remove lenses from their cameras.

  • Digital Camera (Camera phones also work)
  • Body Cap
  • Sync Cord or Memory Card reader
  • Tripod (optional)