4/6/2020 Supermoon from my Backyard, ©Frank Varney

Distanced Perspective: Living in Colorado During COVID-19



MAY 29 – JUNE 27, 2020

The Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) congratulates all the photographers selected for Distanced Perspective.

Photography can be an important tool for documenting the world around us – even more so during a crisis. Distanced Perspective asked local photographers to capture their visual responses to living in Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Curator Samantha Johnston, Executive Director of CPAC, selected 32 images for the exhibition from a pool of 91 entries

“I’ve thought a lot about the power of art and photography during this time and how it can bring people together,” she said. “This pandemic has affected all of us in profound ways. All over the world, people are experiencing challenges and hardships, as well as moments of kindness and beauty. Distanced Perspective is another way we can share these moments and move forward together as a community. 

While the call was focused on the experiences of artists living in Colorado, I think people everywhere can relate. From Zoom calls, empty spaces, closed parks, self portraits, and contemplative moments, these images reflect a kind of collective experience of this unique time – yet each artist brings a unique and different perspective. 

I want to thank everyone who sent in a photo and shared intimate moments with us. It was extremely hard to bring the number of entries down to 32.”

Pictured above: 4/6/2020 Supermoon from my Backyard, by Frank Varney.


Artist Reflections

“Folks were still howling in my neighborhood just now. Funny, because it’s the first night I’ve heard anyone howling at 8 in my immediate ‘hood. Now they can’t seem to stop.” – Susan Froyd

“Two shadows cast by the settling sun beneath a rainbow of hope leading us on.” – Ray LeJeune

“Ironically, the quarantine has forced and inspired me to get out. My world hasn’t really changed, it just became more enhanced. Focusing on what I can do vs what I can’t has been liberating.” – Megan Self

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