Elements of Photo Composition | January

Elements of Photo Composition

Date  |  Sunday January 26, 2020

Time  |   10AM – 2PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1070 Bannock Denver CO 80204

Cost  |  $128 Non-Member   $116 Members

Instructor  |  Kia Neill

Skill Level  |  All Levels

“Composition” is the arrangement of all the pieces, or visual elements, that form the “big picture.” These days anyone and everyone can take a photograph, stylize it with an app, and get sufficient likes on social media. But that doesn’t mean the picture is anything spectacular to begin with, let alone unique. When we look at images, some compositions strike our attention more and keep us more engaged than others. To take a brilliant photo, there are many different aspects to consider.

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the Visual Elements of composition (line shape, color, shadow, etc.) To better understand how these elements affect the way we read images. Through critique, visually dissecting images, and picture taking exercises, students will learn to recognize the Visual Elements as they are composing shots in camera, as well as develop tricks to arrange these elements to create more dynamic and distinct compositions.

Be ready to take pictures outside. Bring necessary cables and devices to upload photos from your camera to class computer for critique.