Featured CPAC Member: Bob Felderman


Member Since: 2020

Members experience the best CPAC has to offer with access to exhibition opportunities, discounts on classes and rental spaces, as well as other special benefits. In addition, memberships help us fund day-to-day operations, secure inspiring shows and programming, and support free admission. Bob Felderman has been a member for over two years now and we are excited to share his photographic work as part of our Featured Member series. An editorial and commercial photographer, Bob has traveled much of the world, seeking out human interactions and stories. Discover how his life experiences in the military and as a local real estate broker have given shape to his unique images.


By Bob Felderman

I am an editorial and commercial photographer operating independently for newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media clients. I am a proven and successful go-getter, friendly, jump all in on assignments, enthusiastic photographer, improviser, easy-going, and I work well with people.

As a photographer, I bring the versatility of ideas, stories, color, quick feel, and success to clients. I own an extensive array of Canon cameras, lenses, tripods, drones, 3-dimensional cameras, lighting, backgrounds, audio, accessories, and editing programs to meet the clients’ needs and desires. My skills and experiences are broad and serve well across all photography efforts. I live to meet, photograph, interview people, and take extraordinary photos in different locations and compositions.

My camera-work abilities have achieved recognition as a photographer, with a portfolio exhibiting skillfulness and capability to meet the clients’ attention to detail, imagination, needs, and desires. I hold press credentials with regional entertainment and lifestyle magazines, the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), the American Legion Media Alliance, and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

As a retired Army Brigadier General, I bring honor, reliability, integrity, competency, understanding, and proficient talents to all assignments. As a successful real estate broker and businessman for four decades and a volunteer in organizations dealing with culture, business, youth, and strategy, I developed unique business and people skills.

My art energies were developed with an editorial focus on storytelling, creating my writing and photography styles. Through millions of miles of traveling the globe, I mastered my military and private corporate travel warrior skills, adding to my plan to develop as an international photographer. I will use grants, commercial contracts, and self-funding for editorial and commercial photography opportunities to build my portfolio and business further.

My goals are to produce images telling stories for magazines and exhibitions that highlight my editorial and commercial photography skills of architecture, people, places, things, aerial, nature, and events.

I have photo sessions planned for the Badlands of South Dakota this spring, the Pacific Northwest this fall, and two documentary series this summer.


Bob Felderman (b. 1955, Dubuque, Iowa) is a Midwest USA-based editorial and commercial photographer. He has traveled much of Planet Earth, seeking out human interactions and storytelling. As a military strategic planner and operator, he met innumerable people who lived or worked in poverty, middle and upper-class citizens, and some who were Kings and presidents who ruled or ran nations. This had a profound and immense impact on his philosophy of life and his plans for storytelling. These opportunities helped shape his creative focus on life’s challenges and opportunities for the inhabitants around the globe, on which his photojournalism brand now focuses.

He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (Summa Cum Laude), Lakeland/Denver, Colorado, in December 2021; a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management & Flight Operations from the University of Dubuque, Iowa, in 1988; and a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University, Washington, DC, in 2001.

Bob spent four decades serving our nations’ military and as a local real estate broker. He did personal storytelling through his photographs throughout those careers as he expanded his experiences while traveling the globe. He now accepts freelance photojournalism, commercial photography, and writing assignments for press assignments, publications, and other media client needs. Look for Bob on the backroads and river roads of America and the world as he tells stories to bring joy to our world. He has been a proud member of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center since 2020.