Featured CPAC Member: Bob Looser


Member Since: 2019

Each quarter, we feature a portfolio of work by one of CPAC’s many talented members. This time we invite you to explore the images of local photographer and 2020 Veterans Workshop Series Graduate Bob Looser, whose iconic architecture project, Denver after Dark, is on view at CPAC in Vantage Point – Personal Projects by Veterans through February 13, 2021.


Denver after Dark

By Bob Looser

Denver was founded 1858, a young city compared to most worldly metropolitan cities, but with iconic architecture for the western United States. I was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in the early 1970’s, returning to the area in mid-1990’s to call it home.

In this project Denver after Dark, I created images of iconic as well as little known places in Denver. From my earlier days of film photography and my admiration of Ansel Adams, I am drawn to the simplicity of black & white images. Several years ago I took a class on night photography and became more interested in shapes, leading lines, object repetition, blacks, whites and shades of gray. Night photography requires longer exposure and it allows me to photograph things I do not normally see: moving lights of cars/trains, movement of people as ghostly shapes, and the reflections of the city. With night I find peace, solitude, and excitement/fear of the unknown. I enjoy my solo time of walking through Denver and photographing famous places to obscure alleys. My images are a reflection of my interest in the night and enjoyment of the experience.


Bob Looser has lived in Longmont, Colorado for 23 years. He was stationed at the Lowry Air Force Base in the early 1970’s and moved here in 1996 from Washington, D.C.. He has been interested in photography since his college days at the University of Maryland. Due to raising family and job responsibilities, his photographic experience was minimal until moving to Colorado. Bob worked mainly in black and white film photography with a small darkroom. He began moving to digital photography over the past 10-15 years replacing the darkroom with a laptop. Bob’s passion is architecture and landscape photography, enabling him to enjoy outdoor experiences while photographing.

Instagram: @boblooser


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January 8 – February 13, 2021 at CPAC

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