Featured CPAC Member: Elane Graves


Member Since: 2018


Elane Graves moved to the Denver metro area over 20 years ago. Originally from Cankton, Louisiana, she moved to Colorado after serving in the U.S. Navy. She completed a BS from Metropolitan State College of Denver (now MSU) in 2001 and works in the security industry. She is a serious amateur photographer in landscape, abstract and food photography. Elane serves on the Board of Directors of the Lone Tree Photography Club to help share her passion with others. After participating in CPAC’s 2018 Veteran’s Workshop Series, she feels as though she has finally found her photographic voice in food photography. Combining her passion for cooking with photography seems like a natural fit. Elane’s work has been displayed in several local exhibitions over the years, including Personal Visions: Projects by Veterans at CPAC in January 2018. Her goals are to pursue growth in the genre of food photography and offer images that are as beautiful as they are delicious.


Dinner at Grandma’s

A photographic journey through my Cajun heritage consisting of images from recipes that are staples not only in my family, but most Cajun households. They are not complex dishes, but are humble and handed down from generation to generation. Cajun cooking has been influenced greatly by many different cultures over time. They have borrowed ingredients and processes and turned them into a unique culinary legacy. I fondly remember watching my parents and grandparents prepare meals or special treats for friends and family when I was a child. I left south Louisiana soon after high school and have not lived there full time in over 25 years. I never realized how unique the culture and food truly is until it was no longer at my fingertips. “Dinner at Grandma’s” has been a learning experience as much as an emotional journey. Every image, a journey through the past filled with joy and a little sadness. My biggest takeaway has been a renewed pride and curiosity about my Cajun heritage.