Featured CPAC Member: Jeff Tidwell


Member Since: 2019

CPAC members have opportunities to be inspired, engaged, network, celebrate, and contribute to the Colorado photography community. Our Featured Member series is just one way we support the excellent work of our members and share their artistic vision with others. To kick off the new year, we present Jeff Tidwell, who started his journey with street photography when on a mission trip to Bucharest, Romania in 2012. Now you can see his latest black and white images of downtown Denver.


By Jeff Tidwell

Even though we are constantly surrounded by people and are constantly “connected” with others online, I feel that there is an awareness of loneliness and tiredness that goes deep within us that I see while on the street. In this series, I wanted to showcase that sentiment, but in different perspectives of how those feelings could be emoted through gesture, posture, environment or through someone’s eyes. One aspect of street photography is finding something interesting in the mundane, or in this case, the beauty in the weariness. My hope that when observing these photographs, they would evoke a sense of compassion in the viewer for the subject and/or a reflection of gratefulness for the ones we love and love us back.


Jeff Tidwell has been documenting the streets of Denver for the past 6 years with candid photos of its residents and visitors. He was drawn to street photography by its unexpected nature, the rawness of the subject manner, the simplicity of gear, and the fact that you can shoot street photography anytime, anywhere. Jeff has an appreciation of other forms of photography, but there is something about street photography that has soul and grit that drew him and captured his heart. In a world of Photoshop, fake news, Instagram influencers, and constant advertising, street photography still holds true to the reality of life and he enjoys documenting that.

Website: www.jeff-tidwell.com

Instagram: @jeff_tidwell_street and @_word_on_the_street