Featured CPAC Member: Keal Vigil


Member Since: 2022

At CPAC, we always look forward to engaging with our amazing members, including collaborating on ways to share member’s photographic work. One way we help support the movement of photography within the community is through our Featured Member series. This quarter, we are thrilled to feature the creative vision of member Keal Vigil, who is also an alum of our 2022 Veterans Workshop Series. The Veterans Workshop Series provides advanced photographic education to Denver-area military Veterans, free of charge. This includes 5 months of workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions, that help participants refine their photography skills. For the workshop series Vigil captured his love for dogs as passengers in our cars. This time he focuses on the art of automotive design. Learn more about Vigil and his work below.


By Keal Vigil

I have always had love of anything vintage or that have the aesthetic of Americana. Vintage cars possess an irresistible sense of style that transcends time, embodying an era when automotive design was an art form. These classic automobiles, with their elegant curves, intricate detailing, and distinctive aesthetics, evoke a sense of nostalgia and romanticism.

Having the opportunity to attend many cars shows and other events over the years I have been able to capture these beautiful machines of a bygone era when vehicles were not just means of transportation, but expressions of one’s personality. Automotive design was an art, and the road was a stage for showcasing one’s individuality and flair. Vintage cars continue to captivate enthusiasts and collectors, serving as a reminder that style is eternal and that the romance of the open road lives on in the legacy of these timeless classics.


Born and raised in Colorado, Keal Vigil has been capturing the essence of the world around him for over two decades, with his journey in photography originating in the early 2000s. Keal finds his true passion in documenting the unscripted moments of life as they unfold. In recent years, his love for photojournalism has led him to explore a diverse array of subjects.

Beyond his expertise in portrait, sports, and wildlife photography, Keal has ventured into the dynamic realm of street photography, embracing both film and digital formats. Street photography offers him a unique window into the lives of individuals, each with their distinct stories, as they navigate the complexities of existence. Looking ahead, Keal is engaged in multiple projects, with the aspiration of showcasing his work in local gallery exhibitions.