Film & Darkroom 1: Beginning B&W Workshop – October 5-26

Film & Darkroom 1: Beginning B&W Workshop 

Date  |  October 5 – 26, Wednesdays 6 – 9pm + Monday lab nights

Instructor  |  Michael Snively

Skill level  |  Beginner/ Refresher

Film and Darkroom 1 is a workshop focused on the basic mechanics of making a Black & White silver-gelatin photograph, from learning how to operate a camera, to developing film and making prints in the darkroom. Students can use a 35mm or medium format camera. Film and Darkroom 1 is a beginning or basic refresher photography course using film and a wet darkroom. The class will cover proper metering, film exposures and development, as well as an introduction to printing in the wet darkroom. Assignments will be given that will help you learn as well as explore and enjoy photography. It will be possible as well as recommended to access the darkroom at other times than the scheduled class time.

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