Hand Made Folded Books for Photographic Arts: Level 2 | April

Hand Made Folded Books for Photographic Arts: Level 2

Date  | Saturday April 16, 2022

Time  |   11AM – 4PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1070 Bannock Denver CO 80204

Cost  |  $165 Non-Member   $150 Members + $27 materials fee for all students (if you did not attend Level 1 of this workshop, you will also need to buy a bookbinding kit at the work shop for $45)

Instructor  |  Kimberly Chiaris

Skill Level  |  Intermediate

This workshop is a level 2 class. It is recommended that you take the Level 1 workshop or have some basic experience with book making techniques. This is ideal for artists who want to incorporate their photographic imagery into book forms. The book form will be an extension to the imagery you make or vice versa but the emphasis will be on creating books. Students will make three book structures and a card structure that hold a single image. The book and card structures will be A Flag Book with Folded Pages, A Piano hinge Book With or Without Windows, A Crown Card/Print Holder, and A Blizzard Book, Hard and soft covers will finish the books. Students are encouraged to have sample prints to add to your book forms.

In this course you will learn:

  • Review Bookbinding materials. Review how to use bookbinding tools.
  • Review folding techniques, paper choices, adhesives.
  • How to make soft and hard back covers.
  • How to create three (3) book structures ideal for prints and photographs.
  • How to make a single structure with corners to hold a photograph.

Objective Learn how to make three books and a card/print holder, that pare well with photographic imagery. You will take home the work that you create as well as a set of bookbinding tools to keep. 

Materials Needed:

The books you make will be more meaningful if you bring some of your own photographic images, collage imagery, writing, or anything else you might like incorporate but it is not required. Everything else will be provided.