Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Into Your Workflow | In-Person September

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Into Your Workflow

Date  | Saturday, September 14, 2024

Time  |   10 AM – 4 PM

Location |  CPAC, 1200 Lincoln Street, Suite 111, Denver, CO, 80203

Cost  |  $180 Member and $198 Non-Member

Skill Level  |  All Levels


This workshop is open to all artists working in digital media. Generative AI tools and techniques will be introduced to students to either create or augment art making. Students will have hands-on opportunities to work with different tools as well as take away ideas for art-making with generative AI.

Course Description:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming integrated into every aspect of our lives. As the technology becomes more common and capable of handling basic repetitive tasks with ease, it is capable of accomplishing something extraordinary if guided by the correct prompt. Actions that could have taken hours less than a decade ago can now be accomplished with the click of a button, freeing up valuable time to focus on the more creative aspects of photography.

This one-day workshop covers a variety of new Adobe tools that utilize AI in Lightroom Classic, Camera RAW, and Photoshop. You will improve your workflow, and increase your efficiency while lowering barriers to what you can create in post-production with the addition of generative fill. In addition, supportive AI platforms such as ChatGPT and Midjourney will be discussed as a means of brainstorming, content research, keyword generation, and image analysis, among other ways these platforms can supplement your existing workflow positively.

  • History of AI and tools in art
  • How prompts work, secret menu options
  • Keyword associations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Using AI features in Photoshop

Materials Needed:

  • Laptop or iPad Pro
  • Discord account (phone, tablet, or desktop)
  • Midjourney (this link explains how to join the Midjourney server and how to create an account once Discord is up and running)
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic and/or Photoshop