Black and White Darkroom: Beginner & Intermediate | October

Black and White Darkroom: Beginner & Intermediate

Date  | Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, October 24 – November 18, 2022

Time  |   6:00 PM – 8:00 PM MST

Location |  Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD)

1600 Pierce St, Denver, CO 80214

Cost  |  $337 Member and $375 Non-Member (plus an additional $15 materials fee per student)

Instructor  |  Michael Snively

Skill Level  |  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced


This is a beginner and intermediate class. Beginner participants will learn the essentials of shooting film, developing film, and proofing then printing. For those at an intermediate level this class is a continuation of the introduction class where we further explore and practice film exposure, film developing, and refine our skills printing in the darkroom.

Course Description:

In the intermediate portion of this workshop, we will lightly touch on the Zone System, push and pull process developing, and split contrast printing as we move towards an understanding of The Fine Print. You will also get a chance to print on, and selenium tone fiber based paper (both toner and paper will be provided). This is a good class for hands-on practice to improve skills and habits, moving you towards the production of the fine print.

Beginners in the class will be introduced to B+W film photography. We will cover the basics of camera operation, light metering, film developing, proofing, and printing on photographic paper. Also discussed will be composition basics, and creating visual interest.

  • Zone System
  • Film development
  • Proofing
  • Advanced printing on photographic paper

Materials Needed:

  • 35mm or medium format camera capable of manual exposure
  • 4 to 8 rolls of B+W film
  • Hand towel and/or apron
  • Note-taking supplies
  • Binder for holding negatives and prints