Introduction to Digital Photography


May 12, 2013 (one day)
Meets 1:00 PM-4:00 PM on Sun

Tuition: $75.00

(Member Discount Available)

Level: Beginner

If photography is your passion, serious hobby, or new calling, then this beginning Digital Photography class is a perfect foundation covering all the features and functions of your digital camera. Maximize your success by mastering white balance, metering, and exposure by using your manual settings.Students will:

1. Learn what all those buttons and dials on the front, top, and back of your camera do and how to operate them.

2. Move from the camera’s Program Mode to Manual Mode – instead of the camera controlling you, you will take control of the camera and the images you produce.

3. Obtain a basic understanding of Shutter Speeds, Apertures and ISO, and how they affect your overall shot.

4. Learn how a few simple rules of composition can help improve your pictures

5. Be encouraged to ask questions and be active participants in the class.

Resulting Skills:
-Fundamentals of photograpy and composition
-Technical understanding of manual functions of DSLR camera
-Basic understanding of how your camera works