Introduction to Large Format Film Photography | September

Introduction to Large Format Film Photography

Date  | Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 8-10, 2023

Time  |  6-9pm at CPAC (Fri), 9am-5pm on-location (Sat), 10am-6pm at CPAC (Sun)

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1200 Lincoln Street, Suite 111, Denver, CO, 80203

Cost  |  $570 Member and $627 Non-member

Instructor  |  Michael Snively

Skill Level  |  Beginner to Intermediate


Students will learn the basics of large-format film photography through a hands-on introduction to using a view camera.

Course Description:

Both in-person at CPAC and on-location over three days, this class will give students the opportunity to expose sheet film in a large-format camera. Additionally, students will learn how to control convergence and plane-of-focus through the camera movements—shift, swing and tilt. After exposing film with a view camera on-location on day 2, students will return to CPAC’s new darkroom. Here students will develop and process sheet film and then make traditional fine art prints on silver gelatin papers.

  • Characteristics of large format cameras, theory and operation
  • Demonstration of use on-location
  • Use of hand held light meters
  • Loading and exposing film
  • Developing and proofing of negatives in darkroom

Materials Needed:

  • Note-taking materials
  • All other materials will be provided