Introduction to the Wet Plate Collodion Process, Canceled due to Low Enrollment

with Quinn Jacobson
Saturday, June 22nd &
Sunday, June 23rd, 9 am – 5 pm

A deposit of $250.00 is due at registration 

Pay weekly installments of $50.00 through the month of June

This is an intensive, two-day, hands-on workshop that covers all aspects of making positive Wet Plate Collodion images; including Ambrotypes (black and clear glass), Tintypes/Ferrotypes, Alumitypes, and positive images on alternative substrate such as plastic, mirror, etc. This course is designed for people who have never worked with the Wet Collodion process or for people that have and want more formal training in it. No darkroom experience is required but is helpful. No large format camera experience is required but again, it’s helpful. Students will get to see the process executed from start to finish and the workflow methodology that Quinn uses for his work. You will have an in-depth discussion on chemistry. Every (individual) chemical will be discussed and described in detail. Students learn about each chemical’s function and purpose in the process – this is very important as it relates to troubleshooting. Safety, storage and handling are also major components of this segment. Students will participate in making each of the chemicals for the process. The students will use (Alumitypes) Quarter-Plate, and 4×5 format sizes. Students will have the opportunity to work in both of these formats. The second day of the workshop is devoted to plate making which includes preparations, glass cutting, cleaning, etc. pouring plates, sensitizing plates, exposing plates, developing plates, fixing plates and varnishing plates.
  • You can attend the workshop with nothing but a pen and notebook. Cameras, chemistry, substrate and facilities are all provided.
  • Students will have the option to purchase a complete chemical kit to take with them at the end of the course kits are $275.