Kristen Hatgi

Kristen Hatgi

Portrait of Kristen Hatgi and Mark Sink by Roddy MacInnes

Kristen Hatgi received her BFA from the Art Institute of Boston in 2008. She has exhibited her photography in the Denver Public Library, FLASH Gallery in Belmar, Gallery Sink, the Art Institute of Boston, Rule Gallery, and The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

She was inspired a decade ago by the local teacher and collector Paul Harbaugh and later she came to work with Mark Sink and Gallery Sink. Out side of her fine art career, Kristen works as a photographer, florist, web, and graphic designer.

Kristen Hatgi Wet Plate Collodion 2008-2010
Part of an interview with PHmagazine —–
A Few years ago studying at the Art Institute of Boston I became aware of the process and how it was being used by contemporary photographers such as Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman and Sally Mann. I had no idea what it involved or where to begin, All I had heard was ” it is difficult and dangerous.” Both sounded right up my alley, but still illusive. Soon after my initial interest, and by great luck, Mark and I were introduced to the process by a friend traveling through Denver, Mark Katzman. He made a few portraits of Mark and I. I was thereafter memorized and completely determined. It was now real and possible, I went back to school in Boston and spent those two semesters collecting chemicals, knowledge and equipment. After graduation Mark and I started off the summer with a huge crash course in wet plate collodion, spending all our free time shooting. Gathering chemicals, equipment, beautiful faces, bodies, flowers, and ideas. We became a team; each being the others inspiration, muse, assistant, plate coater, chemical mixer, costume designer, and lunch maker. Our hands, feet, cloths and often face were marked with silver nitrate stains. It has been our great obsession ever since.

Kristen Hatgi: Pinhole image, 2012