Creativity Briefs | CANCELLED

Creativity Briefs

Date  |  Tuesdays April 3 – June 5, 2018

Time  |  12PM – 1PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)

1070 Bannock St.,  Denver, CO 80204

Cost  |  $20 Non-Member   $18 Members – per session

$190 Non-Member   $171 Members – for the series of 10

Instructor  |  Angie Dornier

Skill Level  |  All Levels

A ​series ​of ​short, ​weekly ​classes ​designed ​to ​spark ​your ​creativity ​and ​challenge ​your photographic ​thinking. ​Turn ​your ​lunch ​hour ​into ​a ​space ​for ​exercising ​your ​imagination. Each ​class ​will ​be ​contained ​to ​1 ​hour ​and ​are ​independent ​from ​the ​others ​in ​the ​series.

These ​mini-classes ​are ​an ​opportunity ​for ​productive ​play ​and ​bringing ​fun ​back ​into ​your weekly ​routine.

Topics Will Include:

  • Artistic ​Composition
  • Lifestyle ​Portraits
  • Photos ​After ​Dark
  • Blur ​on ​Purpose
  • Anticipating ​the ​Shot
  • Getting ​in ​the ​Picture
  • The ​Art ​of ​the ​Photo ​Walk
  • Easy ​Image ​Transfers
  • Mobile ​Phone ​Photography
  • Everyday ​Beauty

Required Equipment:

  • Camera (Any type: Point & Shoot, SLR, Smartphone, etc.)