Manual Settings: Mastering the Exposure Triangle | May

Manual Settings: Mastering the Exposure Triangle

Date  | Sunday May 15, 2022

Time  |   10AM – 4PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1070 Bannock Denver CO 80204

Cost  |  $198 Non-Member   $180 Members

Instructor  |  Kia Neill

Skill Level  |  Beginner to Intermediate

Do you have a high end DSLR camera, but still take pictures in automatic mode? Or maybe you’d like to learn the manual exposure settings on your point and shoot camera. Or could just use a refresher from your high school photography class. Well in this intensive workshop you’ll learn the aspects of exposure, how to set things like aperture, and the creative possibilities in setting exposure manually. This workshop will consist of presentation, venturing outside for picture taking and sharing and studying our photo experiments.

Materials Needed:

  • Camera the has manual exposure modecameras that offer manual exposure
  • Camera manual (if possible)
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Back up batteries and your battery charger, as this is a long class and we will actively be on our cameras the whole time.
  • It is also incredibly helpful to have a way to share the photos we take in class with the instructor, so depending on your camera, you may need to bring your card reader or cables to connect to a USB or USB-c port.

Since we’ll also be leaving the classroom a few times to take pictures outside, dress appropriately.