New Director – New Directions

New Director – New Directions


CPAC’s director, Rupert Jenkins, will be leaving the organization this fall after 3 1/2 years as Executive Director and a further 3 serving on the board of directors. Following is his announcement letter. A search for a new director and a job description will be posted Monday, June 8.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I was inspired to become involved with CPAC eight or so years ago, after seeing a show of contemporary photography at the old Center for Visual Arts on Wazee Street.* The show, which merged international stars like Gregory Crewdson with local talent, had been curated in partnership with CPAC and it was the first of its kind that I’d seen in Denver since arriving here in 2005.

In the intervening years, Denver’s incredible richness of photographic talent and creativity has exploded. The success of this year’s Month of Photography, for instance, points to its emergence as a major force in our regional arts scene.

As it happens, just as this celebratory wave has prevailed upon Denver’s metaphorical shore, I will be leaving CPAC and heading northward to Eugene, Oregon, where my partner Christina Kreps has accepted a faculty position at the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Applied Arts. Given my professional litmus test of “no ducks,” photographically speaking, it is more than ironic that I will soon be living amongst so many U of O Ducks! Somebody up there is laughing.

The search for a new CPAC director begins next week when the job description will be posted on our web site and social media pages. I plan to stay on to help my successor with the transition, and will then join Christina in Oregon.

I am grateful to all the artists, colleagues, and friends who so enriched my life during my ten short years in Denver; professionally speaking, I want to thank the CPAC community, past and present, for being so influential in building our region’s photographic legacy, my understanding of it, and my ability to contribute to it.

Undeniably, there’s a long way to go until we have the internationally-recognized photo facility we all dream about, but we are on the way and more than ever I am convinced it will happen – with your help and goodwill, of course. For CPAC, the next step towards that goal, aside from a new director, is our relocation to RiNo next January. I look forward to announcing more about that soon, and to seeing you there as a fellow guest for the grand opening!

With thanks and very best regards,

* (REAL): Photographic Constructs, Jan 5 – Feb 23, 2007. Artists: Zeke Berman, Bruce Charlesworth, Gregory Crewdson, Gwen Laine, Susan Harbage Page, Jon Rietfors, Meridel Rubenstein, David Zimmer.