Introducing Our New Logo


Introducing Our New Logo

July 6, 2020

Now that we’ve reopened, what better time to announce a fresh new look? Today we’re excited to launch the Colorado Photographic Arts Center’s new logo!

As much as we loved our old logo, it was created about 8 years ago. CPAC has grown a lot since then, and we wanted to refresh our identity to better reflect who we are today. The redesign process was a thoughtful one that began before the pandemic, and we went through many rounds of ideas before making a final decision.

While we might have changed our look a little, our mission is still the same. We are still Denver’s leading voice for the photographic arts, and remain dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of excellent photography through exhibitions, education, and community outreach.

New Features

The new logo features an updated design that was created with today’s digital platforms in mind. Our old logo looked good in print, but it could be hard to read in smaller sizes and online formats, especially on our social media channels. We also wanted to visually emphasize our full name (instead of “CPAC”) to help new audiences more easily identify us at a glance.

Changes include:

• A fresh, updated look

• In the spirit of CPAC’s old logo, we kept the blue color but made it slightly deeper and more vibrant

• An emphasis on “C” for Colorado and “p” for Photographic

• A bright, bold mark that pairs well with our full name or stands on its own

• A larger font size and typeface that is easier to read, especially on digital platforms

In the coming weeks, you’ll start seeing CPAC’s new logo on all of our social media accounts, website, signage, and other print and digital materials.

Special thanks to Craig Rouse at R Design LLC in Lakewood, Colorado for his creativity, time, and talent.