Online | The Photographer’s Eye | January


Date  | Thursdays, January 19 – February 16, 2023

Time  |   6PM – 8PM (MST)

Location |  ONLINE

Cost  |  $230 Non-Member | $210 Members

Instructor  |  Mari Howells

Skill Level  |  All Levels


Our eyes see the world one way; how the world is shown in a photograph is completely different. In order to make pictures that say something, a photographer needs to understand this key difference. This is the essential point of John Szarkowski’s The Photographer’s Eye (The Museum of Modern Art, 1964).

Course Description:

Through class lectures, weekly shooting assignments, and in-class exercises based on the ideas in Szarkowski’s book, students will dissect the elements of photographic grammar. The problem of communicating through a photograph is solved through the photographer’s decisions about where to stand, when to press the shutter, what to include and exclude, and what part of the subject best speaks to a larger whole. Class exercises will refine the way students observe, take, and read images. The process results in photographs that are more personal and expressive, clearer, and made with a point of view.


  • Composition
  • Visual literacy
  • Visual storytelling
  • How photographs communicate
  • Decision-making

Materials Needed:

  • Camera (Film, Digital or iPhone)
  • Memory or Flash Cards (if using digital)
  • Film (if using film camera)
  • Computer/Laptop or Tablet
  • Flash drive/Hard drive (to transfer photos from your device)
  • Notebook and pen for notes
  • Zoom account (free) for access to class

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