Photoshop for Landscape Photographers | November

Photoshop for Landscape Photographers

Date  |  Saturdays November 7 & 14, 2020

Time  |  10AM – 4PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)

1070 Bannock St.,  Denver, CO 80204

Cost  |  $384 Non-Member   $348 Members

Instructor  |  Frank Varney

Skill Level  | Beginner to Intermediate – with beginning or better Photoshop experience required.

This two-day workshop is for the beginning to intermediate landscape photographer who wants to expand their Photoshop skill set to include contemporary digital capture and post-production techniques. Participants will receive photography field guide handouts, as well as a set of Photoshop step-by-step instructions for each technique discussed. Time is provided to apply the methods covered in the workshop to your own work with instructor guidance.

Workshop Topics:

  • Focus blending for ultimate sharpness and depth-of-field
  • Using exposure blending for better high dynamic range landscape photos
  • Combining multiple images in Photoshop to reduce image noise
  • Perspective blending to create enhanced near/far landscapes
  • Using Motion blending to better capture moving elements in the landscape
  • Determining the sharpness sweet spot of your lens and how to avoid the sharpness destroying lens diffraction
  • How to shoot sharper landscape photos 
  • How to extending your aspect ratio with multi-image panorama stitching 
  • Creating and using Luminosity Masks for ultimate image tonal control
  • Applying advanced Photoshop burning and dodging techniques to improve the visual quality of the landscape 
  • Color grading the landscape photograph for mood and style with Photoshop tools including profiles, look-up tables, and selective color
  • Processing the black & white landscape
  • Using camera filters in the field and how to avoid the expensive and destructive workflow caused by the use of Graduated Filters
  • Using neutral density filters for long exposures and motion control
  • Creative image enhancement with digital light painting techniques
  • Photoshop sharpening methods for the landscape photograph
  • Field Apps for the Landscape Photographer
  • Preparing images for printing and exhibition
  • Creating your own style

Required Equipment:

  • Current version Photoshop software
  • Laptop with Power Cord