ONLINE | Intentional and Expressive Postproduction with Lightroom’s Develop Module | November

Intentional and Expressive Postproduction with Lightroom’s Develop Module

Date  |  Sunday November 15, 2020

Time  |  10AM – 4PM

Location |  ONLINE

Cost  |  $192 Non-Member   $174 Members

Instructor  |  Frank Varney

Skill Level  | Beginner to Intermediate – with beginning or better Lightroom experience required.

Cameras do not capture what we think and feel about the scenes we photograph. This workshop is based on the idea that Ansel Adams expressed many years ago “The negative is the score, the print is the performance.” In our current digital environment, we can say “The capture is the score, software postproduction is the performance.” The goal of this workshop is to use Lightroom Classic’s Develop Module to edit images that meet our original intention, and express what we saw and felt when we pressed the shutter release. Concentrating on color and tonal control we will use global and local adjustments to fine tune images to meet our original photographic intention. Time is provided to apply the methods covered in the workshop to your own work with instructor guidance.

Workshop Topics:

  • How to read a photograph
  • Creating a roadmap for expressive editing
  • Utilizing Histograms to guide your post processing visual intention
  • Applying color theory to create emotion and meaning with Calibration, Split Toning and HSL 
  • Using and building your own Color Profiles
  • How to Soft Proof your file for more accurate printing
  • Using Lightroom’s local adjustment tools to strengthen your image
  • Lightroom and Photoshop Integration
  • Using Lightroom’s crop overlays for better composition
  • Four ways to apply image adjustments to multiple files to speed up your workflow
  • The difference between Virtual Copies and Snapshots and how to use them to create processing versions for postproduction evaluation
  • Converting color to black and white
  • Toning black and white work for impact
  • Correcting perspective with Lightroom
  • Using the five types of Collections to better organize your work
  • How to sharpen an Image in Lightroom
  • Monitor Calibration

Required Equipment:

  • Current version Photoshop and Lightroom Classic software (Look for LRC, not the web based Lightroom CC or LR)
  • Laptop with Power Cord