Seeing Light: Connecting with People through Natural Light Portraiture

with Roddy MacInnes
Saturday & Sunday July 13th- June 14th
 Take your photography to a higher level while celebrating the art and life of natural light portrait photography with this fun, hands-on, two-day workshop. On Day One, each participant will present their 10 best portraits in a slide show to the group. Constructive critical feedback will be offered and a brief technical discussion regarding camera controls will follow.  We will then go on a walk-about field trip to practice the techniques and possibilities of basic natural light portraiture. Sensitivity to: lighting; composition and the emotional relationship between photographer, subject and audience will be discussed throughout the field trip and course.  Day Two begins with a slide show of each student’s 10 best images from Day One. From critical feedback provided by the instructor and fellow participants another field trip is planned where you will put into practice the accumulation of what you have learned.