SPE Conference Nov 1-3 in Fort Collins

SPE Conference Nov 1-3 in Fort Collins


November 1-3, 2012 @ Northside Aztlan Community Center, Fort Collins, Colorado

Keynote Speaker: Phil Toledano
Featured Speaker: Aline Smithson

The theme of the Society for Photographic Education’s South-Western region conference is “Delusion.” From the web site: We will examine how delusion, an idiosyncratic belief that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality, can influence how we produce, interpret and/or consume photography. Co-hosted by the Center for Fine Art Photography and Metropolitan State University of Denver with co-chairs Hamidah Glasgow and Tomiko Jones. Southwest Conference Team: Brenda Biondo, Carol Dass, Russ Anson, Samantha Johnston, Skott Chandler, Mariana Vieira, James Dewhirst, Tomiko Jones and Hamidah Glasgow.

Individual Speaker Session passes available for $13 through online registration until 10/31/12 OR at the door beginning one hour before the event.

CPAC director Rupert Jenkins will join other photo professionals for portfolio reviews this Saturday, November 3.

Full conference registration is inclusive of all presentations, access to portfolio review, and special receptions.

Registration has ended.

Please register on-site. Registration is payable by cash or check at the registration table. We look forward to seeing you there.

More info at spenational.org or c4fap.org