The Art of Still Life Photography | October

The Art of Still Life Photography

Date  | Saturday & Sunday October 26-27, 2019

Time  |  9AM – 4:30PM

Location |  Brian Mark Photography

1550 S Acoma St, Denver , CO 80223

Cost  | $416 Non-Member   $377 Members

Instructor  |  Brian Mark

Skill Level  |  All Levels

When starting to work on a painting, the artist is known to say “it’s a blank canvas.” Still life photography is just like that. Unlike other types of photography where an individual chooses a scene in an existing world, the still life requires setting up the scene to capture it as envisioned.
This two day workshop will be held in a professional photography studio. The purpose of the workshop is to understand the still life as an examination of culture, self-expression and means for creation in front of and behind the camera. Subject matter can include food, flowers, meaningful or inanimate objects… We will examine composition and quality of light using window light, continuous light sources and strobe lights and their affect on shaping different subject matters.

Materials Needed:

  • DSLR with memory card
  • Hot Shoe or Strobe Sync