Street Photography and Portraiture (Film & Digital) | September

Street Photography and Portraiture (Film & Digital)

Date  | Sundays, September 17 & 24, 2023

Time  |   9 AM – 4 PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center

1200 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO, 80203

Cost  |  $420 Member and $462 Non-member

Instructor  |  Kenneth Wajda

Skill Level  |  Intermediate


Students will learn the history and nuances of making dynamic street photographs–documenting public life–from casual observation to approaching people on the street.

Course Description:

How many stories can be found in the street? Join intrepid local street photographer, Kenneth Wajda (, in learning street photography; to find and document the stories found in public places. Kenneth will share his tips on how to both go unnoticed when shooting and also how to approach strangers for street portraits. He will discuss street photography habits, including being prepared for any shutter-worthy moment, possible only if the camera is always present and ready to shoot. In his opinion, street shooters don’t only go out intending to make street photographs, they are always working as they go about their day–to get coffee or run errands–and find moments to photograph along the way.

This workshop will begin in CPAC’s (brand new!) classroom with a session on the history of street photography and introduce working techniques. It will then continue outside, among the downtown streets of Denver, steps away from the new CPAC gallery. After a break for lunch, class returns to the gallery for a review and critique session. As this workshop will be held over two consecutive Sundays, participants can shoot digital or film (and get their film developed in the week between classes.) During the second class, we will build on the techniques learned the first week and continue to make street photos around Denver.

Workshop participants will overcome fearful feelings about photographing strangers and learn how to become both a very obvious joyful tourist as well as a completely incognito stealth shooter making street photographs everywhere they go.

  • Street Photography
  • Storytelling
  • Street portraits
  • Approaching people in public
  • Editing for presentation

Materials Needed:

  • Digital or film camera of your choice*
  • Computer if available
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes for weather and walking
  • Note-taking materials

*Loaner cameras/batteries/memory cards are available through CPAC on request