Sweet & Savory: An Introduction to Food Photography | November

Sweet & Savory: An Introduction to Food Photography

Date  |  Wednesday November 7, Saturday & Sunday November 10 & 11 + Final Critique December 1, 2018

Time  |  Wednesday 6PM – 9PM, Saturday & Sunday 9AM – 5PM

Location |  Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)

1070 Bannock St.,  Denver, CO 80204

Cost  |  $625 Non-Member   $563 Members

Instructors  |  Patti Hallock & Shelli Foth

Skill Level  |  Advanced Beginner (has a good grasp of the basics of exposure and camera operation)

This course is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning to light and set up their food photos, whether your goal is to be a commercial food photographer, a food blogger, or if you just want to have a mouthwatering Instagram feed.

Our fascination with picturing our food has its roots in painting and our appetite for images of what we eat has never waned. Food photography has experienced a new level of popularity with the advent of social media, in particular Instagram. This course will explore the world of food photography, starting with a brief history, an exploration of the commercial and fine art trends, and potential careers in food photography. We will examine the technical aspects of making excellent food images: setup, props, lighting (artificial and natural), shooting and critiquing our work. This course will include in-class shooting and critiques to prepare you to make your own delicious food photographs.

Materials Needed:

  • Digital Camera with manual controls
  • Memory Cards
  • Laptop computer with power cord
  • Card Reader
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic