TEEN Photography Workshop: Material History of Photography | July

TEEN Photography Workshop: Material History of Photography

Date  | Monday-Friday July 22-26, 2019

Time | Monday-Thursday 9am – 2pm & Friday 9am-12pm

Instructor  |  Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton

Location | Colorado Photographic Arts Center, 1070 Bannock St., Denver, CO 80204

Cost  | Non-Members $275   Members $250

Skill level  |  All Levels

Photography has always been a medium of reinvention. We are witnessing the end of film photography and the domination of digital, but this is only the latest iteration of the cycle. Learn about the material evolution of photography from the 19th century to today. Discover some of the earliest photographic processes and learn why they were replaced with better, smaller, lighter, or faster technologies.
The basic technology for the camera has been known since 400 BC, but the ability to fix an image did not develop until the 1820s. The first photographic processes set off a wave of patents that continues today with digital technologies. Expensive, slow, time-consuming processes like the daguerreotype were quickly replaced with materials that produced better, cheaper, and faster results that could be mass produced.
Students will gain a greater understanding of the history of photography from a material perspective. This won’t be your standard chronological history of photography. We will explore themes, technologies, and see actual examples of period equipment and photographs up close. Students will make camera obscuras and photograms to demonstrate some of the earliest photographic processes.

Required supplies for this program:

  • Paper Notebook and pen or pencil