Lens As Palette

TiiG-GroupShot1The international iPhoneography Group (TiiG) presents: LENS AS PALETTE

The gallery will stay open late for the Belmar Art Walk and Lakewood Arts Week Friday, June 14th, 6-9pm. The exhibition closes June 15.

Show Dates: May 3– June 15.

Participating Artists: James Clarke – Boulder, CO; Clint Cline – Plant City, FL; Shirley Drevich – Miami, FL; Roger Guetta – Montreal, Quebec; Cindy Patrick – Moorestown, NJ; Rudy Vogel – Springfield, MA.

Artist Presentation: Saturday, May 4th from 2pm – 4pm. James Clarke, Shirley Drevich and Clint Cline will discuss their work, how and why they chose iPhoneography, what apps are in their “camera bag” and how to get started in iPhoneography.

LENS AS PALETTE, curated by James Clarke, will be an exhibition that looks to examine the concept of digital photography through the exploration of technology.  Coupled with mobile software applications, many artists, with  smart phones in hand, are re-examining the boundaries of traditional image creation. Artists with their own unique vision and knowledge of an ever-growing selection of photo-processing applications, available on many smartphones, can now create images reflective of their personalities.  These images can range from minimal to abstract, black and white to extreme color.  They can depict the subtle nuance of graphics or juxtapose that with biting hard edge graphics.  They can creating painterly images – not simply with the push of a button and a tap on a small screen, but through the time-consuming process of applying their application knowledge and expert techniques, boundless creativity and a unique vision.  The images created in this manor lend themselves to reveal more accurately the true emotion of the artists.

The international iPhoneography Group (TiiG) was established in 2012 as a collective of Artists dedicated to the creation of mobile-photographic-based digital imagery using iOS technologies as their medium.   The six Artists who comprise the founding members of TiiG are James Clarke, Clint Cline,  Shirley Drevich, Cindy Patrick, Roger Guetta, and Rudy Vogel.  Their work exemplifies the range of artistic expression that is now available to anyone creating artwork with a smartphone.  TiiG members’ strictly create their work without the use of computers.  The images exhibited are all created on smartphones with currently available  image and photographic applications.  All six artists’ images have been selected on a regular basis to the only continuously online-juried website dedicated exclusively to iPhoneographic imagery – Pixelsatanexhibition.com.