Double Exposure – “VII Uncommisioned” with co-director Ed Kashi April 30

Double Exposure – “VII Uncommisioned” with co-director Ed Kashi April 30

Film Series: Double Exposure – The World of Photography in Film
At the SIE FilmCenter, 2510 East Colfax, Denver
Admission: $10 general; $7 CPAC and Film Society members

Tuesday, April 2 @ 7pm
Chris Marker’s LA JETEE with SANS SOLIEL
Chris Marker, filmmaker, poet, novelist, photographer, editor, and now videographer and digital multimedia artist, has been challenging moviegoers, philosophers, and himself for years with his complex queries about time, memory, and the rapid advancement of life on this planet. Marker’s LA JETEE is one of the most influential, radical science-fiction films ever made, a tale of time travel told in still images.

With SANS SOLEIL Marker, the cinemaʼs globetrotter/essayist par excellence, traveled between Japan, Africa and Iceland to create his masterpiece Sans Soleil. Refiltering and synthesizing sounds and images with astonishing fluidity, Marker dissolves the distinctions between fiction and non-fiction film, offering the viewer the extraordinary sensation of simultaneously spanning the globe and being enclosed within someoneʼs mind.
(1962/1983) 35mm Presentation – 128min

Tuesday, April 9 @ 7pm
Henri-George Clouzot’s INFERNO
The story of Inferno, the unfinished film by the auteur of Diabolique and The Wages of Fear, is legend. An audaciously experimental film with a virtually unlimited budget, it might have been Clouzot’s greatest achievement. But after only three weeks, the project was stopped, and the images, rumored to be incredible, were shelved. Recently unearthed, the surviving footage proves even more breathtaking than expected; now fleshed out with rediscovered storyboards, photographs and production records, plus interviews with crew members (including Costa-Gavras), the tests and rushes reveal the outlines of a lost treasure.
(1964/2010) 35mm Presentation – 94min
Followed in our lobby by Art-Plant Light Media presents Film Night 2013 An evening of experimental Film and Video
Featuring Christopher Ray Perez, Eric Waldemar, Mario Zoots (more to come)
Curated by Ken Hamel

Friday & Saturday, April 19 & 20 at 10pm
The Watching Hour presents: EYES OF LAURA MARS
Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) is a very successful high-end fashion and advertising photographer. Detective John Neville (Tommy Lee Jones) notes striking similarities between her art photos and those of actual crime scenes. Although suspicious of her, he soon realizes that she hasn’t been involved in any of the crimes but can see what is happening through the eyes of the killer. After her friends and some of her models are killed, she joins forces with Neville to identify the killer before she too becomes a victim.
(1978) 35mm Presentation – 104min

Tuesday, April 23 @ 7pm

With an introduction & post film discussion with Melinda Barlow, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder)

Outside a small bar in Kingston, NY, Mark Hogancamp was beaten nearly to death, his memories wiped away. Seeking recovery, he builds Marwencol, a miniature World War II-era town filled with doll versions of his friends, fantasies, and even his attackers. As he documents the town’s dramas with his camera, the dolls become living characters in an epic tale of love, adventure, resurrection and revenge. When his photos are discovered by the art world, Mark is suddenly forced to choose between the safety of his imaginary world and the real world he’s avoided since the attack.
Winner of over a dozen awards, including two Independent Spirit Awards & Best Documentary of the Year from Boston Society of Film Critics.
(2010) Digital Presentation – 84min

Tuesday, April 30 @ 7pm
With co-director Ed Kashi In-Person!
Founded in 2001 by seven of the world’s leading photojournalists, VII (“Seven”) now represents 23 preeminent photojournalists/filmmakers. Renowned for producing cutting edge multimedia, VII’s work is published by the world’s most respected news organizations and is broadcast internationally. In 2012, VII received two Emmy Award nominations for documentary features, two World Press Photo Awards and nine Pictures of the Year International Honors. In VII Uncommissioned, members of the acclaimed photo agency showcase their their award-winning short documentary films.
(2012) Digital Presentation – 90min

Sponsored by The Denver Film Society and CPAC

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